Computer Aided Dispatch

MobileTec’s InMotion™ CAD is designed to provide a sophisticated system able to satisfy the automation requirements of any Public Safety organization.

InMotion™ CAD was designed and developed according to the unique requirements demanded for supporting and providing time-critical public safety services, and involved direct and hands-on application input from experienced industry experts (Call Takers and Dispatchers).

InMotion™ CAD is flexible enough to handle any configuration combination for supporting single or multiple agency operations, combined agency services (E-911 operations, Police, Fire and/or EMS), separate standalone position assignments (i.e., separate Call Taker, Dispatcher, and Supervisor positions), or combined position assignments (e.g. combined Call Taker/ Dispatcher configuration). MobileTec has placed all of the most commonly used functions and features in a single display, eliminating the need for separate menu routines and/or cluttered desktop.

InMotion™ CAD provides standard interfaces to many third party dispatch aids (e.g. EMS and more dispatch instructions, HAZMAT lookups etc.). It can be used as part of a complete InMotion product deployment (with InMotion™ RMS, InMotion™ JAIL, InMotion™ MOBILE, InMotion™ ReportWriter, etc.) and in conjunction with one of MobileTec’s partner Fire/EMS RMS products for an integrated automation solution, as a stand-alone product or interfaced to other host systems/databases to support any agency’s requirements.