Jail Management System

MobileTec’s InMotion™ JAIL is designed to meet the most sophisticated requirements for any Jail Management System.

InMotion™ JAIL was developed according to requirements solicited from existing MobileTec customers therefore ensuring a powerful and flexible product that satisfies needs and wishes in a way that users can understand and relate to and that supervisors can rely on to maximize efficiency and eliminate facility management concerns.

Integral to this, is the ability to fully specify and configure the system to exactly match each agency (e.g. housing capacity/rules, property storage etc.).

InMotion™ JAIL provides full inmate management including extensive reporting and information retrieval capabilities. State reporting is also fully supported and automated, further reducing management overheads.

The InMotion™ JAIL product often exceeds expectations in many key areas by providing such features as automatic state inquiries for inmate visitors, wireless data access for mobile activities (e.g. inmate cell counts etc.) plus integration with physical door control mechanisms for access control and logging.

As with all MobileTec products, its modular design allows InMotion™ JAIL to function as a stand-alone system, to be seamlessly integrated with other InMotion product modules (with InMotion™ CAD, InMotion™ RMS, InMotion™ MOBILE, InMotion™ ReportWriter, etc.) for an integrated automation solution or interfaced to other host systems/databases to support any agency’s requirements.