Mobile Office

MobileTec’s InMotion™ MOBILE supports a full mobile data system that places vital information directly at the fingertips of the field officer.

InMotion™ MOBILE not only supports a host of standard queries and messaging, but can be integrated with other host applications (CAD and RMS) and partner applications (Field Reporting), providing an essential operating tool for the field officer, agency, and citizen.

It improves overall operational efficiency, and increases the safety and productivity of the officers in the field. It offers a streamlined tool-set built from the larger host-based applications optimized/geared for mobile users.

For example, CAD features like creating and clearing calls, and RMS features like reporting/updating investigation status, warrant services etc.  The requirements and expectations of field personnel have increased in recent years – fulfilling and surpassing these expectations is now possible through this powerful yet user friendly Mobile Office solution.

The InMotion™ MOBILE product transforms a ruggedized mobile unit into an intelligent, user-friendly mobile data computer. It can be used on various computing devices, including fully rugged environmentally sealed laptops, semi-rugged laptops, and hand held devices.

InMotion™ MOBILE of course requires an underlying communications infrastructure with an effective Mobile Gateway messaging/interface product to support the necessary data retrieval/exchange. InMotion™ MOBILE can be used as part of a complete InMotion™ product deployment (with InMotion™ CADInMotion™ RMS, InMotion™ JAIL, InMotion™ ReportWriter, etc.) or interfaced to other host systems/databases to support any agency’s requirements.