Field Reporting

MobileTec’s InMotion™ ReportWriter supports the full reporting needs of any agency.

InMotion™ ReportWriter utilizes standardized drop-down pick lists, selection bullets, look-up tables, and a host of other functions and features to provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-use and easy-to-learn field reporting application.

InMotion™ ReportWriter is not a form-filling utility, but rather a complete report generating application that creates a searchable database of information while supporting both standardization and flexibility of report presentation. Information is entered in a user-friendly, intuitive manner that also allows the customer to define selections available and specific data entry requirements. This ensures compliance with departmental, state and national reporting standards (including UCR and NIBRS etc.).

MobileTec’s InMotion™ ReportWriter has the ability to enter virtually unlimited associated offenses, people, vehicles, property, narrative text etc., dynamically distributing the data in an organized fashion, and automatically expanding the areas with multiple entries. This allows all associated offenses, people, etc. to be entered consecutively without having to manually type into narrative and/or narrative continuation forms, as with obsolete reporting methods such as a form-filling utility or manual handwritten method.

InMotion™ ReportWriter offers multiple reports and report formats (including customized print formatting). All report modules can be utilized by remote/mobile laptops, stand-alone workstations, and/or network clients.

InMotion™ ReportWriter can be used as part of a complete InMotion™ product deployment (with InMotion™ CADInMotion™ RMSInMotion™ JAIL, InMotion™ MOBILE, etc.) or interfaced to other host systems/databases to support any agency’s requirements.