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inmotionbabyRMS(Records Management System)

MobileTec’s InMotion™ RMS is a relational database that supports a completely integrated Records Management System for the Public Safety industry. As with all MobileTec products, InMotion™ RMS was designed with direct hands-on application and input from industry professionals (i.e., Records Clerks / Managers, Property Custodians, Investigators, etc.).

InMotion™ RMS provides an efficient method of capturing and maintaining department records and reports, while insuring compliance with NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting Standards), UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) and other state reporting requirements in a one-step data entry process.

Extensive inquiry and statistical reporting capabilities are available to support expanded access and distribution of system data.

InMotion™ RMS can be used as part of a complete   InMotion™ product deployment
(with InMotion™ CAD, InMotion™ JAIL, InMotion™ MOBILE, InMotion™ ReportWriter, etc.) for an integrated automation solution, as  a stand-alone product or interfaced to other host systems/databases to support any agency's requirements.

InMotion™ RMS provides not only efficient and effective information storage and retrieval but also supports true workflow management. Proven results and benefits include improved access to vital information, elimination of data redundancy, increased overall efficiency of operation, and streamlined data entry / exchange processes.


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