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inmotionbabyGEO Data Analysis

MobileTec’s InMotion™ GEO Data Analysis tool-set is designed to provide a sophisticated system able to satisfy the geo-based requirements of any Public Safety organization.

It’s core component “PROphecy” is sold under exclusive license from ABM Inc.  – The world’s foremost authority on Geo Data Mapping and Trend Analysis. PROphecy graphically displays event / report / incident data from all InMotion products on the agency’s map data.

It can be used by analysts and users alike to identify current and future patterns of incidents, broken down by geographical area, time of day, day of week, plus, for example, incident / report type, offense / offense category or by any chosen value or set of values.

The power of the GEO Data Analysis tool-set is that it takes the map data already in place within your Dispatch (and possibly MOBILE) environment along with the the data being collected by all the various departments within an agency (both MobileTec and non-MobileTec) and allows that data to be rendered geographically.

More than just a pin-map or a basic hot-spot generator it intelligently analyses the data and specific subsets of the data to assist in identifying trends and accurately predicts movements allowing an agency to be pro-active in their approaches.

PROphecy can be used as part of the InMotion product deployment for an integrated automation solution integrated with the other InMotion products complete with multiple pre-formatted searches or alternatively as a stand-alone product, or interfaced to other host systems/databases to support any agency's requirements.

Full Printable pdf DataSheet

Crime Analysis in depth pdf Datasheet