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Company History

MobileTec International, Inc is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Since 1990, MobileTec has served as an innovator in the Public Safety industry.

Among a variety of products and services we are proud to offer our state-of-the-art InMotion™ Public Safety Solution. In-Motion™  is comprised of a series of Mission Critical applications that are modular by design, able to operate in a single stand-alone environment or to be seamlessly integrated as part of our total solution.

Corporate Philosophy

MobileTec is already a proven leader in providing Mobile Public Safety Solutions, operating on intelligent laptop terminals/PC clients complying with an open systems model/architecture in a true client-server environment and utilizing a variety of state of the art functions, features and peripherals.

This position has been enhanced through the development, delivery and support of the InMotion™  Total Public Safety Solution that meets all customer specific requirements (software, hardware and associated implementation/support services).

Through the continuous research, development and most importantly, constant support and interaction with our Public Safety Customers, MobileTec will maintain a competitive advantage over all competitors by establishing a standard of excellence for the delivery of the next generation of automation products and services in the Public Safety Marketplace.

This will be  accomplished by transferring product ownership directly to our customers and delivering a standardized application set offering full functions and features while allowing customer-specific configuration and preferences to be defined.

Corporate Goals:

MobileTec’s goal is to build long-lasting business relationships with our customers, acting more as an information management business partner.

We will continue to provide fast, current information technology, professional resources, and development methodologies that guarantee our systems are correct, on time, and within budget.  This concentration will allow our management team to remain focused on long-range planning objectives to continue the company's success.

Implementation of the MobileTec InMotion™ solution will:

  • Dramatically improve data exchange
  • Maximize performance and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Streamline data entry processes
  • Migrate current processes into a new environment with minimal disruption of day-to-day operations
  • Integrate supported systems to reduce data redundancy (establish upstream customization)
  • Provide an encourage interfaces between ourselves and other host systems  (local /state/national database) in every implementaion to improve access to critical data
  • Provide recommendations to support future system expansion as well as current requirements
  • Maintain system integrity, standardization and compliance mandates
  • Implement a fully integrated Turnkey Automation Solution


MobileTec strives to provide an automation solution capable of satisfying our customer’s immediate requirements while providing a longer-lasting investment to meet the future requirements of tomorrow.

This goal is part of MobileTec's long term strategy of continuing to ally itself with key business partners, business partners who can offer premium quality, leading edge complimentary products to further enhance MobileTec's solution to cover the extended enterprise of the Public Safety Industry.