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To supplement MobileTec’s core product we have aligned ourselves with key technology partners to improve and enhance the overall power and depth of the applications provided.



MobileTec is an official Microsoft Business partner and registered ISV, currently a member of the Empower program… this is key to our product  development strategy.playing a major role in MobileTec’s InMotion™ solution is Bullberry Systems who provides the vital GIS and mapping components and expertise essential in today’s Public Safety arena plus ABM’s analytics products that allows MobileTec customers to access one of the most powerful Crime Analysis (and beyond) toolset’s available on the market today fully integrated in to the InMotion™ solution.


partne1Bullberry Systems  - Bullberry Systems provides a full compliment of desktop mapping software products combined with server based communication infrastructures linking and integrating maps deployed within and across PSAPs...
this series of applications and utilities address the end-user challenges specific to the Public Safety Industry. The Bullberry products provide a range of functionality based on the latest in ESRI technology focussed on providing everything a map-centric organization requires.


ABM_LOGOABM America  - The ABM Crime Prediction system graphically displays data from your organization's systems to show event patterns on digital maps. It can be used by analysts and users alike to identify current and future patterns of incidents, broken down by geographical area, incident type, time of day, day of week, or by any chosen value or set of values.  This is just part of a suite of high-end Information Management Systems.

The following business partners have been identified or introduced to us over the years as offering leading edge, premium quality complimentary products that further enhance MobileTec's solution and our aim to cover the extended enterprise of the Public Safety industry.  Furthermore, all can be purchased through MobileTec either individually, or as part of a complete InMotion™ automation solution.



Priority Dispatch (ProQA)  - Priority Dispatch Corp. is the provider of ProQA and AQUA software for Police, Fire, and Medical – is a unique research company. Evolved from Medical Priority Consultants, Inc., the company’s Medical Priority Dispatch System has been in use for over 20 years. Priority Dispatch Corp. is the only dispatch system provider with the approval of a recognized body of industry experts (National Academy of Emergency Dispatch).


FireHouse_logoFire House Fire/EMS RMS - Fire and EMS agencies have to keep track of a range of records. With our large base of active clients, the fire and EMS agency experience of our employees (over 135 years as of 12/08/03), and our professional development staff, we feel that we offer the best records management software in the industry. The powerful FIREHOUSE Software package uses an integrated database and graphical user interface so information is entered one time, even when used in different areas of the system. FH is intuitive and easy to use without computer training.

In addition, the software applications listed below offer integration wherever appropriate to MobileTec's InMotion™ product suite.  There are of course many other software applications in use by our customers and in general not listed here... the goal of this list is to highlight applications that offer significant enhancements to the MobileTec InMotion™ product suite.


partne3 APCO MEDS - The APCO Institute Emergency Medical Dispatch Program is based on the NHTSA National Standard Curriculum for EMD and incorporates all of the current ASTM International guidelines in a comprehensive EMD Package.  Data management tools allow for local entry of SOP, contact information and user login.  Fire Service and Law Enforcement dispatch guides are also customizable to meet agency's needs and resources.


emergin-logoWireless notification is an integral part of emergency services and administrative operations. Making the best of the communications resources you have may also include looking at the capability and functionality of the Emergin Notification System. The system works with any digital cell phone system, pagers, cell phones and more extending the reach of CAD systems and more to a mobile workforce.