Fire / EMS Records Management System

MobileTec partners with Fire House Software in order to offer an integrated ‘best-of-breed’ solution that can support a multi-agency, multi-department environment through a single CAD and distributed RMS.

As with all MobileTec products the Fire House Fire / EMS RMS system was designed with direct hands-on application and input from industry professionals which is evident from their sales success.

The user interface and operational methodology follows MobileTec’s high standards providing a comprehensive application covering all aspects of Fire/EMS incident management and reporting, both through pre-formatted and ad-hoc capability plus the important state reporting.

More than just a reporting and statistical tool, however, the Fire/EMS RMS package(s) facilitate the management of all other requirements typical of any Fire/EMS Department from Inspections to Hydrant Management to HAZMAT.

This Fire/EMS RMS offering may not be developed by MobileTec but there are interfaces to all the InMotion product line allowing for seamless integration, for example, to the InMotion CAD and InMotion MOBILE.

There have been many instances where MobileTec, teamed with Fire House, has proved to be a winning combination, eliminating data redundancy, increasing overall efficiency of operation and streamlining data entry and exchange of information.